Define your online model

Maikai creates online social advertising campaigns that achieve targeted marketing goals using high conversion landing pages, fast-action ad buys and low-cost organic engagement.


The holy grail of online social is the opportunity to acquire customers at scale. Whether this is your only goal, or you have other specific objectives to achieve, you will savor that delicious feeling of watching your content-driven marketing campaign get immediate results online.


One of the most achievable campaign goals is to increase average guest revenue through upsells and packages. Share physical and digital offers at the right place and time, and watch how relevance, urgency and visibility supercharge your upselling.


The most compelling packages and offers are authentic, personal, and lifestyle driven, because they let us connect directly with a niche group of people. We help you to create and promote targeted content that draws in new guests and increases per-guest revenue.


Get attention and create brand energy from different revenue pillars, from offerings in F&B and weddings, to activities and packages. Leverage product highlights, events and special offerings as a source of inspired content. High visibility of compelling new content inspires guests to spend more on services and products.


Intensive lead generation with paid and organic outreach. Clear, compelling headlines, offers and targeted demographics. We sweat the small xxxxxxx to xxxx. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt. Sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt.

Other Campaign Goals

• Promote a specific service or offering 
• Microtarget a niche 
• Drive brand awareness
• Collect emails 
• Comprehensive


How we achieve the goal

Following a short and intensive creative process, we launch your campaign as a series of rapidly iterating messages, tactics, and landing page variations to understand where your strongest response is coming from. We test relentlessly to quickly identify failure points in your sales funnel, then scale your campaign up to target, minimizing risk and establishing the best lead generation and most profitable conversion rates possible at each stage.


1. Clarify your brand position and demographics

We explore your values, product definition and core demographics before authoring messages that are on-brand, and creating bold visuals and headlines for an array of possible audiences, angles, and decision-driving emotions.


2. Author leads that get attention

Effective lead generation starts with an agile creative strategy and remarkable artistic execution. We sweat the small stuff, drawing out the strongest benefits, and creating clear, compelling headlines with remarkable visuals that minimize cost at first click.


3. Create a visual story that converts

We create compelling landing page visual stories that drive second click conversion, micro-testing variables continuously along the way to maximize performance.


4. Gather critical insights

Analysis of the data we gather allows us to generate demographic, creative and target market behaviour insights that can be applied to organic social media, organic lead generation and other important business decisions. Through paid “micro-placements” in social media, we gather insights into on creatives, platforms and demographics and apply to them to ongoing organic and paid social content.


5. Expand channels and scale

The real fun comes when are able to measure a worthwhile return on ad spend, and scale the investment on an ongoing basis into each channel - from Facebook to Instagram to Google - all the while keeping an eye out for additional segments and opportunities.


6. Engage your audience and accelerate socially

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7. Build your online playbook

Some of your audience is ready to buy. Some are still considering you. Some don’t even know you exist. We draw on the successes of the campaign to create a customized playbook of message angles and tactics that can be deployed at each stage of your funnel, and take your customers from attraction, to attention, to love.


Case Study - Hilton Odaiba

We worked closely with Hilton Odaiba, and Hiltons across Japan to implement new strategies for lead generation and conversion.

We have loved working with Maikai on content marketing and digital marketing strategies. They have shown the hotel in a brand new light!

~ Peta Ruiter, Director of Business Development, Hilton Tokyo Odaiba


Get ready for immediate results

A Maikai Social Advertising campaign brings a combination of quick wins, medium-term results, and a new foundation for your long-term digital strategy. All of our campaigns finish with:

New clarity on your brand and product position, and confidence in your online strategy.
A complete playbook of your best messages and tactics.
Key insights into your strongest headlines, images and demographic targets.
An online conversion story, ad creative, and a defined customer journey.
Be able to look on with wonder at what you have created.

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